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North Carolina Training Room Tables and Chairs

Training Room Tables and Chairs

A North Carolina company was experiencing difficulty reconfiguring their Training Room for the different Training Sessions they were scheduling.  Standard 4-leg tables were heavy and the stack chairs were difficult for employees to handle.  Making clusters during training sessions for group training was near impossible.

Searching the internet for solutions, they found My Office Planning Group (  and learned about Nesting Training Tables and Nesting Chairs.  Tracy called Bill Lehman for a consultation.   Together Bill and Tracy decided that tables and chairs with casters would make reconfiguring the Training Room much easier.  As a bonus, the nesting feature took much less storage space than expected.

Training Tables and Chairs that feature fast reconfigurations, including nesting capabilities, will solve your Training Room needs!  Contact Bill Lehman at or call 800 396-0738 to begin your transformation.