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Mail Sorting System Serves 400 Staff Members in Eastern North Carolina


A large National Business Consulting Firm needed an efficient manual mail sorting system to serve 400 staff members.  The goal was to quickly and accurately sort and deliver mail on time to their professional consulting staff and other employees. The Office Manager met with a Charnstrom representative and they decided a U-shaped sort design would best fit their requirements, and developed the following objectives:

  1. Presort incoming daily mail on a center table using mail stops as criteria.
  2. Fine sort daily mail within each mail stop, and place into individual mail slots.
  3. Reduce wasted motion while sorting and placing mail into individual mail slots.
  4. Create a flexible sorting system that will provide a path for future changes and growth

Upon installation of the above Charnstrom U-shaped sorting design, the primary objectives have been satisfied. By doing the presort operation, each mail sorting clerk can work within a specific mail stop, with less movement and less walking around to find mail slots. Hundreds of pockets surround sorting clerks reduce time and motion to reach mail slots. Adjustable shelves and movable Velcro shelf labels adapt to change and growth while improving accuracy.

The Office Manager was elated with the efficiency and accuracy of the new Charnstrom Mail Sorting operation. Charnstrom’s experienced staff can help you solve the mailroom planning puzzle. Call 800-396-0738 or email so we can help you achieve the most efficient mailroom for your facility.

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