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Large Houston Texas ENT Clinic has Little Space – A lot of Doctors & Patients – Little Time

A large ENT clinic in Houston, Texas needed to make changes to their Doctor’s office work area and their Call Center.  They contacted Workflow Filing & Office Solutions for consultation.  Bruce Brown visited  Scarlett, the office manager and together they discussed how to accommodate work activity for 6 Doctors in a room 11’4” x 15’, and how to move and re-organize their Call Center to include critical document storage. Some of the existing furniture being used in the Call Center was declared ‘hazardous’ and unusable.  Bruce and Scarlett developed the following plan:

  1. Workflow Filing & Office Systems developed a plan to use In-Line Systems to design 6 Doctor’s Carrels in the designated space. The design included adequate work surface space, overhead storage, drawer pedestals, and custom telecom accommodations for wire management. A High Back Mesh Executive Chair was placed in each work station.
  2. Integrate new panel systems with existing, designed into an efficient, productive Call Center environment, eliminating the old hazardous furniture.
  3. Tennsco Shelving was installed along one wall to accommodate 53 Bankers Boxes with critical documents used by Call Center operatives.
  4. Coordination and staging for this project, removing old furniture, and, staging and installing the new In-Line Systems, and moving existing offices took only 3 days; a week-end project.
  5. Due to the large volume of patients scheduled for Monday, it was critical that all work be completed prior to employees arriving Monday morning.

The project was completed with minimal cost, minimum transition time, maximum efficiency, and without disruption to ENT operations.  Monday morning was a normal morning after a week-end of office re-organization.

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