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Chicago Based Insurance Company Needs to Update Their Conference Room

A Chicago based Insurance Company contacted NBSI – The Office Planning Group after seeing a recent Conference Room installation completed at their neighbor’s office down the hall. They liked the way the neighbor’s new Conference Room looked, and wanted to do something similar. The following week Mark Nystrom met with the Office Manager for a site visit of their Conference Room.

Their discussions revealed 4 objectives:

  1. They need a Conference Table and Chairs to accommodate 6 participants
  2. Want to modernize with a wall mounted Presentation Cabinet with Dry Erase and Tack Board.
  3. Desperately need to increase storage
  4. Desire a wall mounted a Flat Screen TV

The challenge was to design the small Conference Room to accommodate the objectives. After measuring the room, discovering only three walls could be used, and the fourth wall was windows starting 38″ from the floor and going to the ceiling, Mark contacted his design team at COE Office Source to discuss the project. They created a design that would comfortably seat six people at the conference table, include two heights of bookcases and storage cabinets under the windows, assign a wall for the Flat Screen TV, and place different height Bookcases under and beside the Flat Screen TV.


Mark presented his design to the Office Manager. His presentation included Room Layout, Finishes, and various Conference Room Products provided by COE Office Source to fulfil the objectives. The Office Manager issued Mark the order. Delivery and Installation was completed within 10 days, much to the Office Managers delight.

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