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When Designing a Workspace – Consider these 4 “Ergonomics” Tips

Ergonomic workstations can lead to better employee morale and higher productivity. Good ergonomics starts with selecting and arranging office furniture. Consider the following 4 tips when designing a workspace. Choose a chair that can be adjusted so that your legs are comfortable. Your feet should touch the ground rather than hanging in the air. A…

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Steak House in Chicago Needs New Office Furniture – FAST!

Find Office furniture solutions for Restaurants by Mark Nystrom The last family owned steak house restaurant in Chicago who caters to the convention and tourist market was in desperate need for new office furniture for their newly acquired office space above the restaurant. The new furniture had to be delivered and installed before the new…

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Help For Your Aching Back

Your back is aching and 5 o’clock just can’t come soon enough, maybe it’s time to consider why you feel this way. If you are seated 4 or more hours each day at work, you may be aware of discomfort like: upper or lower back pain neck or shoulder pain hand or wrist pain hip…

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Ergonomics is not a new thing. For years analysts have pointed out the benefits of having proper chairs, desks, and supplies in the office to eliminate back, shoulder, and neck injuries. They have noted the benefits of lowering workers’ compensation injuries and absences. They have stressed the benefits of increasing productivity.

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