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Archive for May 2013

Help For Your Aching Back

Your back is aching and 5 o’clock just can’t come soon enough, maybe it’s time to consider why you feel this way. If you are seated 4 or more hours each day at work, you may be aware of discomfort like: upper or lower back pain neck or shoulder pain hand or wrist pain hip…

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Ergonomics is not a new thing. For years analysts have pointed out the benefits of having proper chairs, desks, and supplies in the office to eliminate back, shoulder, and neck injuries. They have noted the benefits of lowering workers’ compensation injuries and absences. They have stressed the benefits of increasing productivity.

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Imaging & Electronic Filing

Make the Transition from Paper to Electronic Filing Knowing where to start, how to work through all the steps to a successful completion, and who to partner with to get the job done are all critical things to consider when going paperless. What records to image or convert, the best vehicle for storage, and the…

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Filing Systems

Creating Filing Systems that Work! Creating a good filing system is one of the best things you can do to save time and money. Managing paper with a good filing system will put you back in control and increase productivity. Along the way there are many choices you’ll need to make.Here’s how a local filing…

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Green Office Solutions

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Workplace According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average employed American works 9.3 hours per day — that’s more time than dedicated to any other activity. Not surprisingly, offices account for nearly one-fifth of all commercial energy consumption. The good news? Greening your workplace can be both simple and cost-effective…

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